Thursday, August 12, 2010

stressful interview

Sweaty interview. Not one of the better interviews I have had I must say. The first interview with the other EF guy was much better and much more relaxed. That guy tried to make it into a friendly and casual interview and so did I. I tried this time with this EF guy but much more difficult. Tried to laugh a bit and make some fun comments but no response. It was like he had this list of persons he had to interview and 20 minutes per person. He asked those boring questions straight up. 'Tell me about yourself' and I tell my story that you get by reading my cover letter and CV, personally I would focus on other questions that you do not already have the answers to. 'Tell me your good and bad qualities'. All those questions that anyone could expect and would have trained for. I do not like interviewers who do not put any effort into the interview or the questions.

So I am not sure if I made a good impression or not. I felt nervous (only for phone interviews it seems, when you have to sit there waiting watching the clock) and I do not know if that shone through. He was all chop, chop, chop and it just felt stressful. It was not a relaxed interview so I had difficulties to relax.

I know tomorrow or Monday the latest if I am called back for an interview on August 23rd.

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