Wednesday, August 18, 2010

washington dc or philadelphia?

I did not make a good impression on the EF guy apparently. He turned me down so I will not end up in Boston, at least for now. However, the same day I got the rejection mail I got an email with some good news. It was from the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia that has me as a candidate for the Marketing Internship. The internship is basically mine if I want it since I appears to be on top of the list. But it is unfortunately unpaid so I need to figure out weather I can get the internship accredited and get a student loan.

Then I also have the other lead for the Consulting Trainee in Washington DC. I had the phone interview today and I think it went well. Now I just need to do some writing assignments as they want to see my English skills. They would give me an answer beginning of next week if I am the one. I am one of three or four people they are considering.

So it looks like I will be in the USA in a couple of months no matter what. Either Washington DC or Philadelphia. Unless a major opportunity comes knocking that is bigger than either of these two. 

I cannot say I believed I would end up in the USA again.

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