Friday, August 13, 2010

how did i do

Still wondering if I made a good enough impression yesterday on the EF Boston guy. Since it really felt like just another business call it was difficult to get a sense of the guy and what he might think of me.

Apparently the plan for this position is that you stay in it for a year or one and a half year and then you move on to something more. Perhaps to a managing position within EF Travel so they want to make sure they take in someone with those aspirations.

I have gotten the question before, if I want to become a manager. Sure I do, but I have difficulties explaining why and I do not feel comfortable with it since I feel I need experience first. Before I was not sure weather I wanted to become a manager or boss over something, but talking to my job coach I realized that I do want it in the future, I am not just ready now. That is why I find it difficult to answer today why I want to become a manager.

I do not know why I feel so unsecure about since I have been responsible for things before and many times I take on the position as a leader in groupwork and such. I just have to overcome those feelings and realize that I have already been the leader in things.

Anyway, now I am just waiting for an email. But I also just realized that it does not matter if I keep checking my email now since Boston is six hours behind and have most of the working day left when I leave my work.

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