Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thoughts and thoughts

Now I am kind of really hoping for the Washington gig. I just have to make sure my two writing assignments are good and then I cannot do much more. I sense this would be more of a real job than the Philly gig so I really want it.

If I do not get it, I can go to Philly. I guess if I end up there it could be one of those chill experiences I kind of have been wanting, before starting something serious again. Then again it would increase my student loan, so I am a bit torned. At the same time you could see it as an investment since I have another thing to put on my CV. And my heart says I want to go. Last time when I listened to my head it did not turn out so well in the end.

But first thing first and that is Washington. Until I hear from them.

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