Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another interview

Had one of the interviews today at a recruitment firm. It was a nice interview, I think I was there for over an hour and the time went really fast. It is always so easy with interviews with recruitment firms, they now how to handle an interview and make the interviewee relaxed. They ask the right questions and make it easy to answer them. Not like the phone interview I had with the guy from EF in Boston or when you come to a company and they don't really have a well thought through set of questions.

Anyway, the company seems quite interesting. Although the way to work in this position is more interesting than the company itself (and maybe what they do as well, have not really made my mind yet). The fact that you work with projects and almost work as consultants is the appealing thing here.

But the interview went well and only a couple of hours later she called me with news. I am going for a second interview tomorrow afternoon and this time I am meeting with the company itself. We will see how that goes and hopefully get some more intel in how they are working and exactly with what.

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