Monday, September 13, 2010

speedy interview

Had that planned interview today with the company without a homepage. A different interview. I guess it was some kind of a boss that held the interview and he had not read any of the applications. And it was like speed interviewing. I was there for 20 minutes and had to tell my story, the whole story since he had not read my application. Then he asked some questions, but only if I was good at Excel, Powerpoint, and weather I would be thorough or fast when doing things. I got one question to ask basically and got like a one minute (or perhaps two) description of what the company does.

Then I was out. There was a girl coming out of the room when I was sitting waiting for my interview, and when I came out there were two more girls waiting. Definitely speed interviewing.

He would get back to me during the week for a second interview. And what I guess would be a more thorough interview. I am not sure if I make it to the next step as I have not studied marketing. We will see.

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