Monday, September 27, 2010

a night at the boat

What a night. Had some dinner yesterday with some friends and after some wining and dining we were ready for a night on town. However, trying to get into Berns was a no go. On a weekend when everybody got their pay, being there a little bit late, not being a regular known by the door men, not being on the guest list, and with door men on a power trip it was doomed.

So we ended up going to Patricia, the club on the boat. My first time there and despite all the rumors and stories we had a great night. A great night that led to an after party and me sleeping in a sofa together with three other people. Not so comfortable. I wish I had had an apartment in the city so I could have gone home at an earlier hour and get a few more hours of sleep in my comfortable bed.

But it was a fun night for which I am paying for today being all messed up and tired. But at least I do not have a job I need to go to on Monday.

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