Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been nervous the whole weekend anxious to hear about the second interview I did with Google. I thought I did well but then that question came that screwed it all up. My friend had me prepared for an analytical question but I am not good with those kind of questions right up front. I am the kind that need to have a fem minutes or even longer to sit with the question and go deep in analysis instead of an quick surface analysis.

That is why I was nervous. And of course I also came up with other things to be nervous about. Did I give enough of myself? I was told I should not hold back as much (ad I did a little on the first interview) and try to sell myself as their dream employee basically.

I had the interview on Thursday, Friday came and went but I did not expect an answer so soon. But then the weekend came. A long weekend, at least in my eyes. Today I checked the email as soon as I woke up. And then another time a bit later. But I guess the third time is the charm, there it was. The email from the HR woman I have been emailing with. I could not open it fast enough.

There it was. The verdict.

I am going to Dublin for the third and final interview!


  1. BEST OF LUCK with this this! Really hope you get it!!! You'll do great I'm sure!

    Phil x

  2. I spent few hours with you, Carin.
    You are an interesting person.
    Keep writing.
    Keep reading.