Thursday, November 18, 2010

food, baking, and nails

This blog has recently been all about food, baking, and nails lately. On the other hand that is my life now. Although I am going to try cutting down on the baking as I need to lose a few pounds that I gained as a consequence of all the baking and the massive amount of candy I bought in Finland. (Why do Finland have all the good candies?)

I could have made plenty of posts showing my nails. Yesterday for example, I had three different manicures. Three. That is mostly because of this amazing package I received on Monday from Dollar Nail Art. The last one, I promise. (Well at least for now...) A package filled with nail foils and rhinestones.

Below is a preview of what will come, you are warned.

Teel nail foil


  1. Loving the collection of colours and pics of food! Hope the job hunting goes well! Been reading your blog since the Maersk days! :)

  2. So there is someone out there reading my blog that isnt family or friends :)
    Thanks for sticking around even when there's not much happening :) Just a little curious, how did you end up here in the first place?

  3. Hey,

    Yes there are stranges out here reading your blog too! *haha* I don't follow any other blogs but I always find myself coming back to this one for some reason - if only to see what you've been cooking!

    I ended up here when I had an nterview for Maersk a few years back and seen that you had just started working there so was hoping to get some pointers. I didn't get the job at Maersk *booo* but I've stuck around ever since.

    I feel like a stalker now! *L*

    Phil x