Tuesday, June 14, 2011

nails at work

My nails were too cute so I had to match with an outfit and accessories to tough it up a bit.

Perhaps I should start phone for posting a bit more, maybe the frequency would improve.

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  1. Super cute! How did you do this?!

  2. Thanks :)
    Well, kind of an unplanned manicure. I started with the old manicure of China Glaze Sea Spray. Wanted to try out CG White Cap, so layered that on top. Then I sponged a metallic dark grey on the tips but it became a bit too dark so sponged on a foil silver to soften it up. Then I took some konad plates and stamped on different floral patterns with black color, CG Adore and Passion (which I just bought so had to try them out).
    Actually quite easy, especially since it is all made rather random. :)