Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the new job

And the days just passes by with me dismissing this thing. I just cannot seem to be bothered. Especially when working and pretending to being all busy and with this great weather we are having.

Work is good, in one way it is not that different from the job in Copenhagen as it is still a lot of numbers, Excel and various reports. However, this job is within retail and analysis and not that boring side of controlling and nagging that I never appreciated. Being a sales analyst in retail where you actually have a product you can touch and relate to. It is nice.

Also I am one of those nerds who actually think it is fun to work with numbers and Excel. I have the nice collegues to chat with and I get to tag along to the sales meetings to see the new collections. So far it has been all good.

I guess one less positive aspect is that sine the job is kind of similar to my previous one it is not really a challenge or a step up, I am basically on the same level. What I do appreciate though, is that it is within retail which I could see myself developing in. Also the fact that I am stepping away from the hamnpering word of 'controller' and instead getting the title 'sales analyst'.

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