Friday, June 17, 2011

occupational hazard

I think I have already got an occupational injury.

The company I am working at produces shoes. So the last two months I have been looking at all kinds of shoes, both outdoor and casual shoes, and analyzing the sales of shoes. All about shoes.

So what is the occupational injury? I have started to notice what shoes people are wearing. Like all the time. Waiting at the train platform in between trains watching people go by and only looking at their shoes.

Although I have yet to see a pair of shoe I recognize. Then again, I have worked there for about two months and seen only a fraction of the shoes that has been produced over the years.

I guess there is an occupational hazard with every work. I guess this one is really not that bad.


  1. I thought that yours will be hoarding all kinds of shoes after watching them constantly :)

  2. Yeah that might become a problem too :) But unfortunately the current season isn't that appealing, however Spring 2012 season is much nicer so I could imagine it becoming a problem next year :)

    Although I have found three pair of shoes from this season that will arrive within a few days, so it seems I dont have a problem to find some shoes anyway :)