Sunday, June 26, 2011


I had a wonderful Midsummer on Friday with old and new friends. Really a memorable day/evening/night. The day lasted forever. Well, only until about 4 am.

We met up in a park in Stockholm and had a nice potluck, where everyone contributed with some fort of food. Could you guess what I brought? Yeah of course I brought the dessert. As I had stocked up on a variety of cupcake recipes and I was about to be very ambitious and make three different kinds. But decided that it maybe was a little bit too much when I saw the size of the first batch. So I ended up 'only' making two kinds.

But of course I forgot to take pictures of these delicious creations (if I may be so bold and compliment myself). I ended up making one set of cupcakes with rhubarb, mint, and almond and another set with raspberry and a secret in the middle (nutella) and topped with crumble. It seemed like the favorite was the raspberry one but my personal favorite I think is rather the rhubarb one. I adore rhubarb. And mint for that matter. (The first recipe I found in a magazine but also found here, and the other version is a homecooked recipe but based on this recipe.)

But here I can give you a picture of me at least holding the cupcakes. A photo which my dear E took and I hope she will allow me stealing from here.

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