Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sometimes all these networks we're part of truly are great in connecting people. This time it was LinkedIn that made me connect with an acquaintance from Copenhagen that now lives in London as well. We met up on Saturday and another friend of hers. Went for a stroll to Tower of London and then along the water and London Bridge. It was a really nice evening that we ended with watching the show Stomp.

I really love Stomp. I actually watched it about 10-12 years ago in Stockholm. Just as great this time. After that you just feel like being the long lost member of Stomp and hitting anything and everything. In my mind it would sound great and musical, but if I actually tried making music out of drumming on things it would probably just come out as weird noises.

STOMP in London

So one show and many more to go. I want to go through them all! Well, at least try to. At least all the musicals. Me love musicals.

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