Monday, July 26, 2010

done with the phone interview

The first interview that I ever got nervous about. I was just looking at the watching with butterflies in my stomach. Perhaps it was because it was a phone interview and it is more difficult to make an impression then. Or perhaps since I am really interested in this company and this job position.

I got really embarrassed after being asked what the capital of Switzerland is after having said that my geography knowledge is quite good. I died. I stumbled on the words as I was thinking and the only city that came into my head was Zürich and I had a feeling it was not it. I did not reply that either. Then he said it was Bern and I felt like sinking through the floor. Having an interview for a travel coordinator position in Switzerland and not knowing the capital of that country. Great... (Now I will never ever forget that Bern is the capital of Switzerland and Zürich is the largest city).

Even though I have no background in that business at least I was called to a phone interview. I will know in the end of the week if I get invited to a second interview in Switzerland. I also fear that they might see me as someone who is overqualified (again) or searching for a more exiting job, since he specified that it is a back-office job in front of the computer and not so exciting. I am hopeful but not, at the same time. I know I do not have the best suitable experience but I think I have the characteristics they require.

I want it. Pretty please.

Now I wait. I hate waiting.


  1. Best of luck with it!

  2. I'll be sure to keep checking your blog to see if you got but fingers crossed you will :)