Sunday, July 25, 2010

a pizza a day...

A little bit of pizza for dinner. And I just realized I had pizza yesterday as well, but then it was a fatty, hangover pizza. Today it was a home made one. Love those pizza kits where you get the ready made pizza dough together with a jar of tomato sauce. Then just add the toppings you want.

Today I went for one half with pepperoni (although I cannot find any good ones in the store, they are not spicy and tasty enough) and the other half with chopped romantica tomatoes, plenty of fresh basil, and some pesto. Of course topped with plenty of mozzarella, the only cheese I want on a pizza.


  1. I really do miss those Swedish pizza kits, gotta love it when the can "pops" when you open it

  2. And that pizza kit is what you miss about Sweden? Not the first thing I would miss but ok :) haha
    And Sweden can't be the first ones with that 'invention'

  3. Ok I do miss more than the pizza kits! I need to check out the supermarkets here in the UK and see if we have them here.

  4. Swedes tend to live all over the world so I'm sure it's possible to find Swedish stuff in UK. However, how Swedish the pizza kits actually is I don't know. :)