Wednesday, July 28, 2010

white collar

Been incredibly lazy today. But hey, it is vacation.

So I have been catching up on some TV series. True Blood for example, the third season finally started some weeks ago and now I cannot wait until next episode.

But I also discovered a new show right up my alley, White Collar. A little bit like the movie Catch me if you can but in a TV series format. The good thing is also that it is already on its second season so I do not have to be disappointed that it is cancelled after only one season. Like a few other favorite TV series, do not like when that happens.


  1. will have to check it out. Loved the film and book of Catch Me If You Can

  2. You do that. Then you might also like the series Leverage I actually found just yesterday. Thieves-gone-good kind of series. I'm all into that 'Thomas Crown affair' style in movies and series. :)

  3. Just watched the first episode of White Collar and I'm feeling it. Just as well I have the rest of Season 1 - looks like my Saturday night in is already planned! Thanks for the recommendation! :D

  4. Your Saturday sounds like my Sunday, catching up on some tv series. But unfortunately I have already watched all of the White Collar episodes so now I have to wait for every new episode.