Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ode to the commuter trains in stockholm

Yesterday I ran out of the hot office to get home and relax and perhaps cool off a bit. I walked fast to catch the train only to discover that it was delayed five minutes. The train was already at the platform so I stepped on it. Only to be hit by lovely 30 to 35 degrees heat inside the train. Apparently the air conditioner was out of work on the train so we could enjoy the heat, sweating by doing nothing feels great. At least I had a minute to buy a cooling popsicle.

To add to that the train kept becoming delayed, first five minutes, then ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes: more time to enjoy the humid heat on the train. Then another train came to bring us home. We were lucky to get one of the old trains that had been standing out in the sun and has no air conditioner. Lovely.

After two stations I jumped of the hot train and caught the next train only a minute behind. A new train with air conditioner.

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