Tuesday, July 20, 2010

etnografiska museet

Took a trip into town today to meet up with sister. Since we did not really want to spend that much money we went to a museum that has free entrance, Etnografiska museet (Museum of ethnography).

Some really nice exhibitions and a museum well worth a visit, and not only because it is for free. But the weirdest and creepiest exhibition that made our stomachs twirl and not in a good way. It was an exhibitions (in)human, and showed the history of racial biology and how ethnologist have collected human remains in earlier years. Some things was really upsetting but still interesting to actually have seen. They had real human skeletons, skulls and other things. Two of the most disgusting things was to see a piece of skin with a thick layer of fat that was taken off a woman during a liposuction in 2010. The other thing was to see a baby, a fetus, lying in a jar.

The more pleasant parts was the some exhibitions of American Indians, Japanese and Africans. Been plenty of touristy things this summer. I like it.

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