Saturday, February 5, 2011

cooking, dessert, and polish

Among my favorite things. 

Sis came over today and of course we had to have a nice dinner as it is her birthday! We made a really nice dinner with home made pasta, ravioli filled basil and four different cheeses (ricotta, parmesan, aged cheddar, and a bit of feta), together with home made tomato sauce (of course) and a cheese/cream sauce. Really delicious. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. But I definitely have to try making more home made pasta, it is so easy!

Of course I also made a delicious dessert. A chocolate fondant, a chocolate cake with a runny inside. Served warm with warm raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. Recipe found at the ever inspiring Swedish blog Kalasgott (just look at all the yummy pictures). Luckily there are several left so I will have one or two for tomorrow. Unluckily I did not get a yummy picture of the runny inside.

Chocolate fondant.

Happy birthday sis!

And of course I had some gorgeous nails. A gorgeous green glitter polish from NYX.

NYX - Lime.

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