Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what a wake up call

Do not think I told the story of last fall and my worst wake up call ever. It happened again early this morning. There was someone else waking up really early this morning making so much noise so it woke me up. That does not sound like being a worst wake up call ever you might think. Here's the thing, that someone woke up rambling around in my WALL.

This time I was not as freaked out as last time but it is incredibly annoying as it was impossible for me to fall asleep again when that someone was still moving around in there. The first time it happened last fall I got really freaked out as it moved around under my floor right where the head of the bed is located. I tried hitting the floor with my fist to make it stop and go away, but no. It sounded just like it was running around under my bed, and I was even worried that he would come out and gnaw on my clothes lying all over the floor at that time (it worried me so much that I started cleaning my room the next day, even though I know it would not do that).

This time it was a little bit worse as it was in the wall, still right at the head of my bed. But as it is in the wall I could hear it so much louder. Truly the worst wake up call. Can the spring come now so that the things can go outside?

Damn those mice.

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