Wednesday, February 16, 2011

scotch tape manicure #4 and more

I have had some fun doing some nail art recently. A little bit of stamping, dotting and scotch tape manicures. I am in love with all these three manicures. Here is where the pottering and the creative side get its outlet.

Another scotch tape manicure with some H&M - Dashing Diva (which I had on almost a whole summer the year it came out) and some black and white stripes. I adore this manicure! I got inspiration from Lacquerized and Wah Nails (where plenty more inspiration will come from).

Some H&M - Dashing Diva (a favorite) and some black & white.

Here we have some half and half with leopard print stamped on. A more subtle manicure compared to the others but I still love it. Inspiration from nnysworld.

 IsaDora - Ashes to ashes and Combat khaki and some stamping.

Bright and pretty yellow with a fun pattern that I got inspired by at The Daily Nail. Really simple manicure made only by making dots (with my dotting tool) of black and then with a variety of colors on top.

China Glaze - Lemon fizz and a whole bunch of colors.