Tuesday, February 1, 2011

scotch tape manicure #3

This is last nights work. Another scotch tape manicure on the absolutely adorable new color of Depend, a turquoise with silver shimmer. This is where my creative side get its outlet these days.

Absolutely love this color! Depend - #227.

Then the scotch tape manicure with LA Girl - Graphite.


  1. the nails are becoming your fetish...
    aren't you concerned it may impair your job search or your job once you find it?

  2. what interest, hobby, or fetish as you call it, one spend their free time with is totally up to each one of us. isn't it?

  3. yes, but you advertise it, and here your choice / decision may be poor

  4. I actually don't really care what others might thing of it. I've been painting my nails on and off since middle school and it's just something I think is fun. Additionally it is an outlet for my creativity when I don't really want to take out my canvas and brushes. For my hobbies I will always take time out the day.