Sunday, February 27, 2011

frameworks all day long

Been kind of busy the last few days. I have not even had time to change manicure since Monday (which I usually have done every day). Although I did find some time today to paint my nails in a great bright, neon, orange color that makes you happy and longing for spring.

So the last few days I have done something that feels a little bit more useful than switching manicure every day. I have been preparing for my assessment day with Ernst & Young next week. I am not nervous for it (at least not yet...), the tests (SHL) I feel quite comfortable with as I have always done well on tests. However, even though I am good at math I had trouble with the numerical test, mainly I think because of the time constraint and the I have not dealt with math in quite some time.

The thing I have studying and reading up on the most is for the case. I have never ever done case work in interviews and never even at school. I have been reading up on anything I could find to prepare myself for a case situation. Like different frameworks to use solving a case, profitability framework, business situation framework, SWOT-analysis, Porter's Five Forces etc. Nothing of this I had at school but I recognize it, now I just need to memorize it all. Easy peasy...

Right now what I dread the most is estimation questions. I just need to practice on those and the mechanics of it all. It is probably all easy when you know how to think, but my problem is that I like preparation and have difficulties with those on-the-spot analytical questions. I got a such a questions once that I totally bombed. I just froze and my brain went blank. I did not know where to start. 'How many web pages are there in Sweden?'

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