Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well this is good news, at least I can access Blogger at work. (Now I have it as a bookmark so perhaps I can remember to post more regularly again.) Because they have blocked social sites like Facebook as well as video sites like Youtube. Even radio and Spotify because the internet apparently can't handle it. But with a big company like this, what kind of crappy connection do they have if you can't watch videos and stream music?

I thought I had fooled the system as the Swedish radio was working which I miss listening too. However, one week later it was blocked. I could guess they have some surveillance and noticed I listened to some radio that wasn't on their blocked list.

But you know, there are always ways to come around it. I mean, these days basically everybody has smartphones...

Annoying company that blocks everything fun. Come on, they actually expect us to work when we're at work. Who has heard of something so silly....

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