Sunday, November 25, 2012

down south in clapham

Saturday night I ventured down to south London, to Clapham. First time on the south side. Well, I had an interview in Croydon but that doesn't really count. Or that I've been at Gatwick airport.

Had a night out with two of my house mates and some of their friends. It was a really nice night. We started out with a couple of beers at a bar called The Belle Vue. Then we ventured to another bar for some dancing and shaking, called Venn Street Records. A lot of fun and lots of dancing. Which continued on at Café Sol before eventually heading back home late night/early morning. Think we were at home at 4 am. Hence the evening should definitely be categorized as a great night.

So my first trip down to south London was definitely a good experience and I might even dare to go again.

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