Thursday, November 29, 2012

sick in so many ways

The last two days have not been too good. I woke up on Wednesday feeling quite well expect from the fact that it's starting to get cold and hence cold in my room. I so wanted to just stay under the covers in the warmth. I also had a slight feeling on something in my throat. I chose to disregard it and continued on with my day after I finally managed to venture out of bed.

In spite of my disregard that tiny something in my throat extended into my head and made my brains stop working. Everything became a bit fuzzy and when the clock hit two I left the building.

That tiny something in the throat is usually not wrong. I also stayed home from work today. Lying in bed the whole day. Also because of the fact that the heating in our house is turned off during the day so it's freezing. Which kind of sucks. But I haven't really checked it out if you can do something about it either. So I just stayed in bed hitting a Friends marathon. Again. It would be impossible for me to guess how many times I've watched Friends by now, but surely I must have passed thirty by now.

I even know the bloopers by heart. So much so that when I see a regular episode I think about the outtakes connected to that scene. Hi, my name is Carin and I'm a Friends addict.

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