Friday, November 30, 2012


You remember this?

Well today I got redemption! Because this morning I became the happy owner of two tickets to Robbie Williams on the 29th of June in Wembley Stadium in London. I could not be more excited!

Last time (that time we don't talk about) I signed up for the pre-sale which also means I will in the future also be contacted for any pre-sales. Luckily. Because otherwise I might actually have missed that he would do another tour next year. Luckily I saw the email a few days ago and hanged on the door at 9am to buy a ticket. Wiser from the previous time and no mistakes where made.

Awooohoooo! I will finnaly get a chance to see Robbie live.
Now I just need to find out who wants to go with me. (And willing to pay for the other ticket...)

1 comment:

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