Tuesday, November 20, 2012

please give me my own job

Came to work yesterday, thought it was a realatively good Monday morning.
Then me and my co-worker had a quick catch up meeting with our manager and we were both quite stunned after that.

We both signed a six month contract with the promise of a permanent contract after that. Today we found out that the procedure for permanent positions is to have them published internally so that anyone can apply. This also means that I actually have to contact HR and tell them I'm interested in the position.
"Hi HR, I'm interested in my job."
"Hi HR, I wish to apply for the job I currently hold."
"Hi HR, please give me my own job."

My boss said that its' the procedure and if someone applies they have to set up an interview process. He couldn't tell me if we had to go through another interview process. How redicilous would that be.
"I would be great at this job as it is my job." I would honestly refuse.

I'm fine with the procedure, if that's how it is in the company then there's nothing to argue about. I just wish they could have told us sooner. And not make it sound like we basically have secured our permanent positions by just getting employed by this six moth contract.

Sure, I don't take anything for granted until the papers are signed. But when hearing this I feel like I should actually call that recruiter I was contacted by last week and tell her that I'm actually interested in what she may have to offer.

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