Thursday, November 22, 2012

the search for the hair dresser

I'm at the hair dresser. Second time in one week actually. I went last week to get a hair cut. It was a disaster. I'm the one who has to go home and get a feeling for it and look at it from different angels. I really tried to explain how I wanted it, I thought I did. Maybe I didn't, or she interpreted it in the total opposite way. I never seen myself as fussy, but now I guess I know exactly how I want it. Sure, nobody else could even tell I got a haircut, but that doesn't matter. Cause I would be annoyed every
I was thinking to call back and ask for a new cut and give her a second chance. But at the same time, do you really want to go back?
I went for no. I had even thought about trying another place as well. That's where I'm at now. At least it really looks like my kind of place, interior wise.

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