Saturday, November 21, 2009

this is the deal living in "stockholm"

I really... dislike... living in the countryside when a friend (that I got to know in Helsinki, who is Canadian and now lives in Switzerland) texts you at 9 p.m. saying he is in Stockholm and will have a drink with another Helsinki friend (another Swiss guy who now lives in Stockholm) and asks you to join.

Of course I want to join! However, I am sitting in the sofa right now in my sweats with greasy hair so I need to get ready first. Take a shower, pick out an outfit, put on makeup, fix the hair, the whole deal. I have to drive to the train station but since I had wine with dinner that is not really an option. In that case I need to get someone to drive me there, but since dad also had wine and no one else is home it will be tricky. So I will just take a cab for 300 SEK (or more?) to the train station. Then it will take me one hour to get into town. Then I have to take the last train home at 1-2 a.m. (or take the night bus home later, alone with all the drunks, which would take me about 1h40min until I reach home). Which would leave me around one to two hours in town. I will be there!

Let's see if he is sober enough for a lunch tomorrow.

(Notice to future friends visiting Stockholm: please let me know in advance and do not text me 9 p.m. asking me if I can come downtown for a drink tonight.)

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