Monday, November 9, 2009

wanted: motivation

So it is Monday. I should be doing stuff. All I do is wondering around in the house, trying to postpone or forget what I should be doing. Every time I log on to my email I get a bad conscience. It is because of these match mails I have signed up to that send me suggestions every day. So what do I do about it? I instead avoid logging on to my email. Very healthy way to deal with your issues.

How do you find motivation to something you really do not want to do? Before leaving for Taiwan I think I hit bottom since the motivation was nowhere to be found. I could not stand even thinking about all the stuff. Now after three weeks off it all it feels a bit better, I am a bit above rock bottom but apparently not high enough. When there is something I do not feel like dealing with I just shut down, sometimes it can be good, sometimes not.

So know what? How do one proceed? How do one find motivation from empty air?

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