Wednesday, December 23, 2009

first day in london, i.e. shopping

After a delay of almost two hours we reached London Heathrow. The hotel seems nice and quite central next to Hyde Park, and with mom's employee discount it is cheap as well (which is good in an expensive city such as London).

Being really hungry after arrival at the hotel we headed out for some grub. We took the pub close to the hotel and being in England, we of course have to take the fish and chips.

After some food we hit the shopping street, Oxford Street.

As you can see, we stepped into Primark and did some very cheap shopping. A few pieces of clothes that looked decent and plenty of nice accessories.

Primark took some time to go through, especially with so much people crowding inside. After some time it was time to head back home to the hotel, waking up early this morning we needed to chill a bit.

Sister was caught in the act admiring her just bought leather jacket. Wonder if she will sleep with it on like she did when she was young and had bought something new. She once had a pair of shoes next to her in bed since she liked them so much.

Now time to eat some pills and go to sleep, I have been feeling quite well today but the head feels heavy now.

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