Monday, December 7, 2009

in memory of cliff barnes

I managed to figure it all out after all. I should have remembered my own motto that it always works out in the end. I ended up meeting my three friends from the Helsinki era for a couple of beer. A lot of reminiscing and updating. Instead of heading out with them clubbing, I went for M&E's pre-party at their place. Fun to see some of the Jönköping girls again, some I have not seen for a couple of months now and one not for a few years actually. Nice to catch up.

Then we moved on to Cliff Barnes a bar, waling distance from their place. The rumor was to be there early, 10 p.m., and we managed to be there at 10.30 but still had to stand in line for perhaps 30 minutes. But it was totally worth it, definitely a place just in my taste. Great music, not too big, but still possibilities to dance. The only bad thing is that it closes at 1 a.m. since I could have stayed a while longer, but arriving early is what you have to do and what everybody does. It is those places I need to get to know more off, I had my favorites in Copenhagen and need to find them in Stockholm as well. Of course a bit tricky when I do not really have easy access for a night out in Stockholm.

This weekend M&E saved the country girl and let her sleep on their sofa so she could come and experience the city life. Sunday I took the train back home to the countryside and mom picked me up from the train station to take me the rest 15 km back home. I shared some info about the night and found out that Cliff Barnes was a character of the TV series Dallas.

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