Friday, December 25, 2009

a christmas day in london

Christmas Day in London is very interesting since everything, EVERYTHING, is shut down. I understand that most shops and restaurant are closed since it is a bank holiday. But even the tube and buses, any sort of public transportation, is closed. So we basically just walked around our hood to check it out even though everything is shut down. But I like discover a city by foot even though it is not much going on.

We took a stroll to Notting Hill since it was just around the corner and walked along Portobello Road with some cute houses.

Just me at Portobello Road.

At the start (or end?) of Portobello Road there was the cutest pub, I loved the decoration and design of it. There was even a Swede working there playing a Swedish Christmas song. Wherever you go, you cannot get away from those Swedes it seems.

I had a glass of mulled wine, did not taste much like glögg at all but it was good. Always nice with something warm containing alcohol when it is cold outside.

Of course I had to be very touristy and take this shot. Sister who took it was embarrassed and wanted me to get out as soon as possible before more people walked by.

Then we had a Christmas Eve dinner at La Cabana on the street Queensway, not the best food but okay I guess. (On the other hand, who am I to tell since I lost my sense of taste due to my cold...) Queensway seems to be the place for tourists on Christmas Eve since all the restaurants on this street was open. Good thing we lived just a few minutes from it so we could get a Christmas Eve dinner.

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