Saturday, December 5, 2009


Another one did it. I just happened to find out that two other Helsinki friends will be in town tomorrow. From a general post on Facebook so that does not really count as direct contact. It is the same friend they are visiting, did he not learn from last time? At least I got to know it tonight, but it still causes some problems. I would love to go out clubbing with the guys. But I do not see how that will work out.

I do not really feel secure taking the night bus all by myself. If I would anyway then I cannot drink since I need to use the car as well. Not sure if I can crash at S's place since the two guys most likely will crash there.

I really dislike this agony about meeting up with friends in the evening/night.

I miss living in the city. Have to try remembering that on Monday when I need some motivation for job hunting.

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