Friday, December 25, 2009

a christmas eve in london

Yesterday we decided to be a bit touristy, but since we were somewhat lazy and it was raining we hopped on a local bus. Unfortunately with the rain I did not get the best pictures.

From the bus we saw most of the major tourist attractions, which was enough. Perhaps next time I will spend a bit more on actually visiting the places and not just see them from the bus window.

We actually made a stop at St Paul's Cathedral. But only since we had to switch to another bus.

Trying to take a photo of Big Ben from the bus when passing by.

We made it to Buckingham Palace as well.

Heading to the Underground towards Camden Town to do a bit of exploring and shopping.

One of the many markets in Camden. A cute little area with plenty of things, of course a lot of the same things. But I managed to find a few cool things.

Camden by night.

Then we finished with a Christmas Eve dinner at the Indian restaurant Maharaja, fully licensed (whatever that actually means).

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