Friday, December 18, 2009


Musikhjälpen (Music Aid), that is what I am listening to today, and watching since they are also showing it live on TV and online. In short, it is the Swedish Radio that has three radio hosts locked in a small house placed out on a square in Gothenburg. They are collecting money for malaria, you can give away money and with that you get to request a song to be played on the radio.

I went shopping today and spent some money on basically bullshit. Spending money on basically bullshit, I can also spend some more money on something good. So that is what I did. I gave away 250 SEK and requested a song with John Mayer, one of my favorite singer songwriters, with the song Waiting on the world to change. Just something I felt like listening to today, he is not played to much here in Sweden. He also reminds me of the time in USA, since it was there I discovered him.

So now you Swedes, donate you too.

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