Sunday, December 5, 2010

better to be safe than sorry

I have arrived safe and sound in Dublin and have also reached the hotel and the room is really nice, staying at the Maldron Cardiff Hotel. Thanks Google. Luckily I could check in right away and did not have to wait two hours.

I got a map from the reception and the plan was to head out and do the town. But now I am all freezing and still have a little bit of that cold left with all that it implies, the runny nose and annoying cough. I had planned to do some shopping and have dinner at one of the recommended restaurants I got from a friend. But now I am thinking that I might just stay in, watch a movie, and perhaps order room service instead. I do not want to walk around town for some hours in the chilly weather only to discover tomorrow morning that I am not feeling well.

So I am thinking it is better to be safe than sorry. Even though it is really boring when I am here in Dublin, and usually I am all about doing the most out of a trip even though I am sick. But now I have got this interview tomorrow to think about. Now I think I will take my computer and crawl under the cover and watch a movie. (Yeah right, I should also study and prepare for the interview tomorrow as well.)

By the way, I just opened my toilet bag to take a pain killer (I am going all out on the line 'it is better to be safe than sorry) and found a not so pleasant discovery. I brought my nail glue and discovered the nail glue bottle itself, my makeup bag, and my toothbrush all glued onto the toilet bag. I could rip of the makeup bag and the nail glue bottle, the tooth brush is still there, even the hair of the brush is all glued so I will not be able to use it. Yeay. Lovely.