Wednesday, December 15, 2010

last weeks debacle

So about the Google interview, just to make a a tiny recap of the whole debacle. I had the interviews on Monday last week and it was kind of exhausting since there was four interviews in three consecutive hours. As I was still a bit sick (still am...) with a runny nose and cough it was not the most pleasant three hours as I had to keep talking. But it went well and the people were nice. At least I thought it went well.

After that I was all happy with how it went and took a stroll around town and did a little bit of shopping. Of course 'a few' nail polishes slipped into my shopping bag. But since I was still a bit sick and did not have energy to walk around for so long I headed to the airport a little bit earlier. Then it was time for the next stop, which was in Copenhagen.

So I thought it went well. But I was wrong and that sucked. I had hoped for this one. It also sucks that I have been so close on several openings and been so close to the finish line but then it just stops. It gets frustrating. I have to admit that the last month I have been really bad as well, at applying for jobs. I just totally lost my motivation. I have a daily bad conscience for that, believe you me.

But today I actually sent out five applications so far so the bad conscience have gone down a little bit. Although a tiny little bit.

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