Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas sweets in abundance

I kind of went a little bit out there last weekend (and some this week) and made Christmas sweets like crazy. A few of the standard ones I made last year and then all of the new ones I wanted to try out.

From left to right: candied almonds, fudge, knäck (Swedish Christmas toffee), chocolate coated liquorice toffee (last year's hit), toffee rice, and peanut brittle (discovered at Christmas 2003 in Florida). So that is six different Christmas sweets, but it is not over there. In the fridge we can also find: cake balls, white chocolate and saffron truffle (I absolutely love saffron!), and white chocolate and lime truffle (must be my all time favorite!).

To conclude, nine different types of Christmas sweets. And the perfect year to make all of this as well since my sister will leave already on Christmas Day and my parents will leave on Boxing Day which will leave me home alone with all these candies.

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