Sunday, December 12, 2010

good week, bad week

So I am back. Back here and back in Sweden. I managed to be in four countries in four days this week. It started off in Dublin then I made a stop in Copenhagen for two nights, then a quick stop in Sweden to repack and then continuing to Finland. A busy week.

Anyway, it has been a good and a bad week. It started off good with some time in Dublin and the interview at Google. Exhausting though with four interviews in three consecutive hours, but it went well. Then I visited friends in Copenhagen as my flight from Dublin made a stop there. I just booked myself another ticket back to Stockholm. Had a really good time and nice to get my mind of Google for a while.

Then it all became bad after that. The flight back to Sthlm was a little bit delayed,coming back I had three hours to get ready for the next trip and was completely stressed out. On the boat to Finland I checked my email one last time and I had received an email from Google. The subject was 'Thank you from Google' and reading that line before opening the email I could sense what was coming. And I was right.

'We carefully reviewed your background and experience, and though we do not have a position that is a strong match with your qualifications at this time, we will be keeping your resume active in our system'.

The standard answer. I was really wishing for this one but no. So that was the mail I got on my way to my grandmothers funeral. A not so pleasant weekend concluded this week with motions going on a roller coaster, from feeling good about myself and good interviews (so I thought) and happy seeing old friends to feeling bad about myself for the rejection and crying for mummo.

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