Friday, August 17, 2007

great asian food

Today I met up with the gang and had lunch. We were six today, the friends are increasing, more people arriving. Had lunch at Asia Garden, some good Asian food.
Satay with peanut sauce.
Curry chicken.
Love it. I think I need to start buying some takeaway from that place.

Then I went to school to try to get a meeting with one of my tutor. He had time and I ended up staying there for two and a half hour. It was good, I got some help and now I know how to go further. Also there was some problems with the data, hopefully it will be better after some adjustments.

Oh, also. I finally colored my hair. It was needed. It's the same as I've colored before but since it had washed out and been bleached by the sun it was light brown. Now it's dark again. And next week I'm getting a haircut. Lovely.

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