Thursday, August 30, 2007

loosing my memory

So. Just got home.
It was a fun night. My last night.
Kind of sad saying goodbye.
Well, at least the ones I got a chance to say goodbye to.
Some disappeared before I got the chance.
Not naming anyone.

To something totally different.
My memory failed me tonight. I ALWAYS remember faces and names. And I was standing behind two guys in the line to Kåren tonight. I couldn't remember. And the guy just kept on saying that he had seen/met me somewhere (and it wasn't just a cheesy pickup line). Then it just came to me when I was inside and they were already gone. We had met at a preparty.

Can't believe that my memory is already failing me.
A clear sign that I'm getting old.
Is this a reasonable age to start loosing your memory?
MY memory? I always remember everything. And everyone.
I'll be 23 on Friday.

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