Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm spoiled.
I had so much to do and to chose from in Singapore. Of course Singapore isn't that big, 'only' four million people. But bigger than Jönköping. I had so much fun in Singapore and had a blast every time we went out. Sure the music was alright and Twin City isn't really the place to go out dancing. It doesn't really have a dance floor and was pretty crowded. So crowded that I was pushed around on the dance floor basically all night. Finally I had enough of all the pushing and went home.

It's really not the same in smaller cities. I know how it may sound but I got used to the good life in Singapore.
All the great party places a bigger city has to offer.
Better music. Not as mainstream.
Cheap taxi so we never had to walk.

I'm looking forward more and more to my semester in Helsinki. At least it's a little bit bigger. And of course a new place is usually much more fun than the same old same old. But I'm giving Jönköping another chance next week. We're heading to Kåren and that can be a fun place. Except sometimes the music. All the Swedish 'schlager' music that I can't bear. That the engineers just seem to love.

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