Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last night was a lot of fun. Once again we had a pre-party at M's and more people I haven't seen for so long. We had a fun pre-party and then we went to Twin City and danced all night.
Well, all night I guess is exaggerated since they close at two. We were not tired and ended up at J's just to sit and chat and play cards. And not to forget, some chorizos fried with Passoa and pistachios. It was 5am when we said goodnight and went home. When I cycled across 'Västra torget' people were already there to prepare for the market that day. And I was heading home to get some sleep.

Today was even more eventful. Went up with J and the guys for some food at Max. Then we went to IKEA to buy a bed. Had some 'fika'. The ride home with the bed on top of the car was very memorable. We were sitting with our hands out of the windows holding it since it was so windy. But we were successful and got the bed safely to H's apartment. Then we went for a visit to A and J's house and hanged out there for a while. After that we decided to by some food and make dinner.

We just watched some TV tonight (Shrek 2 =)) and didn't really feel like going out another night. We were all tired and I knew that I needed to do some serious studying the next day. Since I didn't do much writing yesterday or today I really need to get a grip for tomorrow. I'll cross my fingers.

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