Thursday, May 21, 2009

black-and-white-oldies-chick-flick marathon

This was a nice week. Since it felt like Friday already yesterday, on a Wednesday. We went for after work at Nyhavn in the sun and then I went to E's place for some homemade pizza. Yummy. Then I could just enjoy staying up a bit late and sleep in today.

It was a great day. And I did absolutely nothing. Loved it. Well, maybe I should feel a bit guilty staying in the whole day doing nothing but watch old movies. But I do not really. Why should I? I enjoyed a totally lazy day. Maybe then I can actually get something done in the weekend instead. If I need to get something done that is.

So the morning started of by sleeping in a bit. Then I started with my black-and-white-oldies-movie marathon. First one up was Casablanca that I have had for so long without watching. Great start. Number two was The Shop Around The Corner. Yeah, maybe you see the thread. Somewhat of a black-and-white-oldies-chick-flick marathon. But a great one. Then we finished off with His Girl Friday.

Great day. Great movies.

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