Monday, May 18, 2009

eurovision time

Of course we had a Eurovision party on Saturday. Just like some months ago when J and me being both Swedish forced all the others to watch the Swedish final. Now they could enjoy it a bit more with Europe competing instead and everybody had a song to cheer for.

It was a good show and night. I think there where several songs that I really liked. Usually I do not have that many favorites. I can only agree with everybody else and say that it was the right winner. Norway's song with Alexander Rybak was really good. So I am, as everybody else, in love with a fairytale. The second favorite was actually Estonia's with Urban Symphony. I just loved her and her voice singing in Estonian. Then I also liked the songs from Ukraine and Iceland.

I do not really care that Sweden did not do that well. I did not like the song anyway. I had several other favorites for Sweden. Well well, better luck next time.

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