Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the plan

It is going to be a nice weekend. Actually a long weekend. Again! We did not look forward to this week since this one was a 'long' one. Last week we had Thursday off. Next week, we will have Monday off. And only a half day on Friday next week. Nice.

And since systeryster is coming to town it will be even better. Looking forward to it. It will be shopping, eating and what not. Of course sis is longing for the fries and burger at Halifax so that is a must. My mouth is watering. I am sure we will figure out a lot of other stuff to do.

Right, there is the Copenhagen Carnival as well. So there will be parades, music, dancing, and food. Will be fun to check out. Apparently it is quite big, with around 100,000 visitors last year.

Now I just have to take myself through these last two days. Crap. I just realized that I thought it was only one day left. But it is two days. Wella wella. So two days left.

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