Monday, May 11, 2009

lois lane in town

Another busy weekend. Lois came to town once again and this time it was nicer weather with a bit of sunshine. I was a bit worried though because on Tuesday last week I was not feeling well at all so I had to leave work. I also had to stay at home on Wednesday since I was still a bit fevery and dizzy. But I knew I had to go to work on Thursday since I had some deadlines and also the book close dinner. I wanted to go to the dinner and one cannot really stay at home during the day and then turn up at the dinner. I was still a bit tired but I managed to go through the day.

The dinner was quite alright, not the best though but a cozy place. We were supposed to pay for our own drinks but in the end it was some of the co-workers that ended up paying for all of it. Cool. The weekend continued in the same manner, eating and drinking out. With some tourist stuff during the day. I took the boat tour for the 4th time, did Christiania for the 3rd time, but it seems to be something new to see every time. We did something new though, a tour to Carlsberg old brewery which was really nice and with two beers included in the entry ticket.

So good times, good times also this weekend. And unfortunately it was time for work again after a three day long weekend.

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